GasSecure launches the GS01 with extended antenna   12 Feb 2016

GasSecure has recently launched a new product, the wireless gas detector with extended antenna named GS01-EA. In brief, an antenna cable is fitted to the detector so that the antenna can be placed in a different location remote from the detector.
The GS01-EA is designed for for the following main use cases:

Please refer to our product section for more information on this new exciting product.

Toppsides UK 2016   1 Feb 2016

Recognising that safety never stops but that budgets are very tight; GasSecure will be delivering a keynote presentation at Topsides UK 2016 in Aberdeen, UK on Wed 16th March. Our presentation with title "Reducing Project Cost Impact with Fixed Wireless Gas Detection" will show how 90-95% reduction in installation time offshore and potentially 60-80% overall project cost savings as compared to wired devices can be achieved.
Please take part to discover how GasSecure wireless systems deliver project cost efficiency, safely. More information here.

Successful test of the GS01 by Evaluation International   20 jan 2015

GasSecure is pleased to announce that a GS01 test campaign conducted by Evaluation International (EI) was succesfully completed at the end of 2015 and a report is now available from this organisation.
The evaluation programme was devised by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) UK, in response to a test requirement list supplied by the EI member BP and had two focus areas:

A summary of the full report is available in our technology section.

About Evaluation International: Almost 100 instrument user companies across Europe including several oil & gas majors are members of EI. The organisation operates an annual Instrument Evaluation Programme on behalf of its members.

Dräger GasSecure website launched  15 Jan 2016

Welcome to an exciting New Year!
GasSecure have already kicked off 2016 and together with Dräger launched a common website for the GS01 Wireless Gas Detector.
This site includes technical and application information, documents for download, and video.
The common GS01 homepage is found here.